Cathartic (poetry)



I was picked up from concrete
That was riddled with cracks
Murdered in a dream world 
That was never in tact 

My fragile little soul
Had never been so cold
When I saw my last breath
Turn as white as my bones

As white as the canvas
On which I once appeared
But now every brush stroke 
Is nothing but a smear

The one who had formed me
Now producing my demise
Painting such an image
They know I will despise

And the taste is rather bitter
Much like a broken smile
In the way it craves reality
Although the truth is vile

With these palid eyes I see
A world of falling tears
To release the kind of thoughts
That no living soul can hear

And for all the blood I spilled
Just to keep myself alive
To write the words that save me
And to preach all that I fight

Until I finally realized
The beast that lurks within
It bleeds into the lines I read
And claims my thoughts again

Now sadness roams these lyrics
And gives them all a glimpse
Into this misery of mine 
That's only seen through hints

It kills every budding smile 
Before it can begin 
But even so, it cannot take  
The spark that lurks within 

Though even that cannot erase 
The things I have been through 
It cannot take away from me
The memories of you

The memories of my past 
And all the fear it wrought 
Every time I struggled, 
And all the tears it brought 

But every ounce of sadness 
Can at least be put to use 
In the form of every poem 
I have ever introduced.

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