Clovers and Devotion (poetry)

Clovers and Devotion 


My Angel, sent from heaven, 
I feel you were made for me
I used to tell myself 
No matter what my soulmate looks like
Be there for them 
And love them even when they don't know how to love their self
And now, here you are and I'll love you for infinity
I'll stand by you as you look in the mirror 
And help you point out everything both you and I love about yourself 
I will call you every cute nickname in the book 
(Which you have yet to see.
And yes there is a book) 
just to see you smile
And every wish I make shall be for our happiness and your success
You are potential
Ink not yet put to the page
Just waiting to explode
And cover everything with your words
And I will be there
Arms open waiting to hug you and say
"I knew you could do it"

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