If I Died Tomorrow (poetry)

If I Died Tomorrow 


If I died tomorrow
Would you remember me?
Would you remember who I was,
And what we use to be?
Would you recall the happy times, 
With laughter through the air?
Thinking of my tone of voice,
The colour of my hair?
Would I be in your dreams?
A heartbreaking goodbye,
Would I be the brightest star-
So distant in the sky?

If I died tomorrow, 
Would you feel distraught?
If you found out the news,
What is your first thought?
Would you ever cry?
Would you miss me everyday?
If you were the last words I heard,
What would you want to say?
Would you tell me that you loved me?
Or that I meant a lot to you?
Would I live on in your heart,
Even though my life is through?

If I died tomorrow,
Would I be someone to remember?
Would you pray on my birthday,
Buy me presents in December?
Would I keep you warm?
The flame inside the fire. 
Would I be in your hopes and dreams,
In all that you desire?
Would I be the echo,
That whistles through the wind?
Whenever you felt lonely,
Would I be your friend?

If I died tomorrow,
Would you ever grieve?
Would I be in your accomplishments,
In all that you achieve?
Would I be your bloodshot eyes?
Or the feel of your first tear.
If you could turn back time, 
Would you still want me here?
Would I be in the shows you watch?
Or in the books you read?
Would I be the foulness in your words,
Or in the blood you bleed?

If I died tomorrow,
Would I still be around?
Would I be by your side,
As I’m lowered to the ground?
Would I be your last breath,
As your life is ending too?
Would I be the thought,
That’s forever stayed with you?
Would I be your encouragement,
To help you through each day?
Would I be your sunshine,
When all your world is grey?

If I died tomorrow, 
Please don’t be sad. 
Remember who I was,
And all that we had. 
Remember all the fun times,
The memories we shared.
And I could leave you smiling, 
Knowing how much you cared. 
You’re not just the sun,
You’re the brightest beam.
And I shall sleep peacefully,
If you’re in my lifelong dream.

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