Story of dead's dance

Dance of The Dead

Quote: All my friends are still standing in their position. It was that which gathered some courage. My shaking legs and yellow palms were refused to do this, but I thought, "Why fear?"


At 12:00am
We experienced dark times when the hand of the clock was pointing at zero hours when my friend and I returned home from a movie. The ghost of the green headache knight was still roaming in my mind and danced around my body all around.
Technical malfunctions ...
Since we went to the friend's quiet campus, we realized that the elevator was caught due to some technical fault. While living on the 9th floor of Wing B, we realized that doing a mission is really impossible, because in fact, we were already tired.
Plan 'C'
Fortunately we had a plan B, which was often known as Plan C, because it was more related to Wing C than Wing B. We agreed to use the executive lift of all Wing C and agreed to use the connecting terrace to reach the w. Actually, landing down the 1st floor always looks better than climbing 9 floors. Thus the plan 'C' was as easy as a pie.
The secret of dancing shadow ...
Talking for more than 2 minutes, we ended up reaching the terrace and looking at the stars. We decided to go ahead after spending a few minutes losing the beauty of the spectacular night sky ....
But suddenly we heard an old poem in an ugly sound, as well as with unmatched voice of bullets. It was obvious that weird-awful sound combination would put us at risk.
Face 2 face
We gathered some bravery and proceeded. The sound went louder with each of our steps. Suddenly we had a view of problems and fear. Dance and singing a shadow dance 'Twinkle Twinkle' was poetry.
All my friends were still standing in their position. This was what I had gathered some courage. My moving legs and yellow palms were refusing to do so, but I thought "why fear?" And so my adrenaline race ended and my anger turned into
I pushed my limits My fierce rock ready like a fist .......... And bash I screwed in my sad face with my hard-core rock like a fist.
It all ended, in fact, crying, crying about someone who seemed familiar.
It was Jai, my friend, a shaky brain, but a kind heart.
My anger ended in a harsh end ... ..

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