My First Love

My First Love
Quote: You always lose your first love, you can never find it back, enjoying a marriage can understand it, but the truth never leaves the first love. It stays with you,


My last year in high school was really memorable because my lovely little teen-age girl took my heart. The school year 1956-1957 has just begun when one teacher presented us with each other in the afternoon. It has some relation with a project in Pilipino, we want to work together. The chance encounter was brief. I never remembered what we talked about. I remember that when she speaks, she is so delicate and beautiful.
The sound of his voice was very happy. When he laughed, his almond-shaped eyes smile. On his smooth face, there was a reddish blossom on his salt lips and red colors. His scent is heaven. Like a surefire bouquet surrounds him. And the way the length of his shiny black shoulder comes out from the hair when he takes his head then he fascinates me. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever met. When we took part in that afternoon, my heart left me and went with her. He was my first love.
The night I met, I slept very little. I dream of openness with his eyes. I pray to God to rise early in the morning. The next day I saw him again after school and this time we spend a little more time together. I went to his house and this was the beginning of our many resorts. We found that many things are common to us. We are pleased with each other's company. We shared stories and laughed very much. Yet I do not have the courage to tell how I feel. The idea of ​​losing it should open my heart; I stopped countless nights in my mind to the verses.
But in the last century in Gazaki in 1956, with the darkness of the morning of the morning and darkness of the night, I admitted that it was my first love. In my eyes, I look long and deep like what I said is searching for truth. Without a word I raised his hand and he allowed me to kiss it. Then he whispered down and whispers that he is scared. She has never been in love ever before and does not know what to do. I slowly lifted his face. As the morning break, Prakash showed concern in his blurry eyes. I attract her towards me and for the first time I kept my arms around her. I got the heat of my firm body and the test of his arms on my back. He sees me again with a smile, and then we kiss for the first time. It was the most sweet, most emotional and romantic kiss that I could ever remember.
I've never forgotten him. Even in my worst days, memories sharing memories always give me a smile. They say that you always lose your first love, you can never find it back, enjoying a marriage can understand it, but the truth never leaves the first love. It is waiting in your head, in your heart, to be alone, alone, feeling and emptying. Then he is there. Just like that when you last seen him. Young, handsome, vibrant, smiling, pulling your hand to be more passionate under the tempting lane of memories.

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