Why is it every time i try, everything fall apart? 
I have tried.
I have tried so hard to stay strong and i have tried to carry the weight of others on my shoulders.
Why does it feel like I'm choking?
Once I think I've reached the air, I am just welcomed with another body of water.

They tell me not to but I say screw them. Where's my happiness? Do you want me to stay for myself or do you want me to stay for you? You said we would fly but instead I am just being dragged. I give up. 

Can't you understand that? Can't you understand that when I look myself in the mirror all I see is the daughter of the devil? Can't you understand my pain? You said you did, so where are you? Tell me, what can you possibly do to release me from my own quicksand.

I am not living for myself, but for you, beacuse without me, you'd be dead as well. 
I am losing my mind and the battle in my head is coming to an end. Whether the good or the bad 
will win does not matter.
The outcome is clear but my vision is blurry.
Selfish, that's what you are.

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