You Were a Memory (poetry}

You Were a Memory


Moving on is quite hard
We trick ourselves into believing otherwise 
Fooling our minds with persuasive phrases
Pretending it will be alright 

In the recent past
My mind played a dirty trick
It told me I was greater than all
That I could pull through without hardship

I blamed my mind 
For putting that into my line of thought 
When in truth the only one in the wrong was I 
Believing the lies disguised as truth

How incoherent we think
Our incompetence is 
Why can’t we just forget?
And destroy these pesky feelings

Obliterate our heads
To have a day of peace
Where the memories are gone
And we can leave this wretched world

The truth lies within our memories 
The real devils
You cannot alter the past
What’s done is done

You lie in my memories 
The only place I see the real
Is when I close my eyes
And the nightmare begins once more

For you were a memory 
That I wish could be eradicated
But I do not control the means
So you are here to stay

Get out
I tried to scream
Nothing worked
I was doomed

My mind came back
This time with new demands
It told me something interesting 
The way to disintegrate you

My mind spoke words
Only I could understand 
It said to me that night 
The words that saved my life

Inside their feeble minds they are gods
But what is a god to a nonbeliever?


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