The girl In truly loved - Poetry


You were perfect

Even the first day I met you

You pulled me close

and warmed me up

The glimmer in your mysterious eyes

enchanted my curiosity
It turns out that

your character

your beautiful personality

captivated my heart and soul

and brightened up my world

So easily I fell for you

I asked

“How can anyone be as perfect as you?”
You somehow found interest in me

You gave your heart to a simple

and curious boy.

You asked

“Will you be the one to be with me forever?”
Months passed

And you exposed your starry secrets to me

And you remain to capture me

But for reasons I did not expect…

You were not perfect

No not even close

I realised….

That the star that brightened my world

Was burning herself up to survive
The scorching scars ran through your arms

As cracked and broken crevasses.

These scars ran through your whole body

Surpassing the face

into that delicate mind of yours.
Perfect? No far from it

You were hurt

You were broken

You believed you were cursed

You believed the celestial bodies

Had all odds against you.

You said that the ones who realised

who you really were

had given up on you.
Yet all these imperfections

Made me understand true love

What can I do to make you happier?
I had faith

I believed you were special

I believed you had a place in this world

With the right care you deserved

With the right attention you deserved

With the right respect you deserved

With the right family you deserved

You could have shone brighter than any star.
You meant the world to me

I would have done anything for you

 I am sorry, I did not have the strength to [C]change you

I am sorry you thought that the world did not [C]deserve you

Yet I am mostly sorry

for you had to leave this world…..

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