You ever noticed the beauty of the Christmas lights ?

The reason why they are so beautiful is because of the way it shines.

Just like the way we are !

Our life makes us shine.

Sometimes is really bright and sometimes it's so dull.

But still...

It shines !

And everybody likes to make the bright times permanent.

The reason why it's not possible is because we get bored of things if it stays with us for a long time. Even if it's something that makes us feel good.

That's why Christmas is special. That's why Diwali is special.

You can't wish Diwali to happen every single day. What's the fun in that ?

What I am trying to say is, the amount of happiness we get in our life is so limited.

And don't feel bad about it.

We call it happiness, because it's special

And special things are not meant to be permanent.

So I wish all my friends and fellow members to have a great new year ahead ! Always be happy and stay positive. And Enjoy every single day even if it's not happy.

I forgot to make a Christmas blog. I know it's late. But Merry Christmas and also a very Happy New Year..

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