Broken Illusion | Poetry


Paint me with your pretty lies,
Make the cracks and flaws
Of this artificial paradise
Possess false beauty in your
Painful illusion. Show me the
Danger beyond just lambent
Beauties you've decorated my skies.

Your blade incarnadined from the
Tears you've carved into my heart.
Go ahead, spread your manifold chaos.
Rip away as you please, bring my world apart.

Just as you have since the very bitter start.
At first, I was unaware of the damage you inflicted.

But now that I see who is behind the mask,
The fictional world of perfection you've trapped me in
Has already cracked, your spell has been lifted.

 And in the spotlight, you've been exposed,
 Now there's nothing you can take back.

Yes, i will indeed miss the lenity.
 And how you whispered sweet nothings,
Promising your love to me. But, obviously.
Being together just wasn't our destiny. 

Because, without me even realizing it,
You were toying with my world and sense of reality,
Setting up what we had to eventually be ruined,
All because you were playing at love recklessly.

Making me feel the high of sweet, but false ecstasy.

I thought you were going to be my knight
In shining armor. An escape from all of life's
Madness and endless confusion.
But by letting you in, i was only signing up
For a lie. A heart's bruisin'.
You had me trapped in this broken illusion.

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