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A mind

Full of fantasy

Full of scenery

Full of words
A mind that wanders

Wanders to the beauty

Wanders to the dark

Helps them to create

Create a paradise

Full of joy

Happy endings

Everything they dream off
Create a nightmare

Full of pain

Full of Sadness

Everything they have been afraid off

And it's all been created

In a mind of a human being

Some have more creativity than others
Have a beautiful storyline

Or have a painful, maybe more meaningful story
Who can write it down

Draw it down

Animate it

Tell it in public

Anything they feel good at
They share what they create

In their own way

To send a message to the people around them

That maybe have meaning to it

Maybe not

But means a lot to themselves

Or share their creativity cause they love it
Whatever it is that you want to put out to

Never stop creating

What you love?

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