Do You Wish | Poetry


Fly with the birds, if you wish.
Drink the sunlight, if you won't burn.
Let yourself melt into the sky, your skin and feathers sinking into clouds and catching the rain before it falls.

Steal the salt from the sea, if you wish.
Wade into the water, if you won't freeze.
Float with the rainbows in the current, your emotions ebbing calmly with the soft foam on the waves.

Gather the stars from the night, if you wish.
Pour the ink out of the sky, as much as you can hold.
Take inspiration from the dark and disappears with the shadows, just a wisp of air in the silence.

Hold me in your arms, if you wish.

Let me hear your heartbeat, if your breath accompanies it.
Lay with me and tell me you love me, your whisper warm on my ear.

Come with me, if you wish.
Let me be part of your world, as you've colored mine.
Keep me and listen to what my eyes tell you, staring at your soft face.

Let me be yours forever,

If you wish.

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