Dream Trap | Poetry


Walking through an endless realm,
Nothing to see, and yet,
A slight nausea and a feeling of overwhelm,
Mist of dust and eyes of green,
Who holds the world upon and between,
Frowning down this place of clowns,
Where it shouldn’t exist,

Filled ups and downs,

So what if you were trapped in a dream?
Would you rejoice?
Or will you scream?
Endless solitude and a never ending sleep,
There is no escape,
A trap gone deep,
And through this realm of wandering minds,

Where all is inspired,
Filled with signs,
A box unopened and eyes that lurk,
Mysteries unfound,
Gone mad, berserk,

And what would you find in this realm of dreams?
Days of waste, a grove unseen,
Till the end of one good men,

Join one another,
A chain that never ends,
And hours pass,
Waste of time,
A beginning nightmare,
A horror, yet sublime,
Answers that will never show,
There’s no point,
No gem will glow,

And to this realm most rejoice,
Days are numbered,
A sound of voice,
For you are trapped in the realm of dreams,
Where no one can go,
And many that schemes,
To this day, eyes of green,
Open your hearts and let it gleam.

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