Facebook Shortcut Key | Keyboard Shortcut keys

Shortcut Key
Sr.No. Shortcut Key Use of Key
01 0 Help
02 1 Home
03 2 Timeline
04 3. Friends
05 4 Inbox
06 5 Notifications
07 6 Settings
08 7 Activity Log
09 8 About
10 9 Terms
News Feed
Sr.No. Shortcut Key          Use of Key
01 j and k Scroll Betwee News feed Stories
02         enter/return             See More of The Selected Story
03 p Post a New Status
04 l Like or Unlike The Selected Story
05 c Comment on The Selected Story
06 s Share The Selected Story
07 o Open an Attachment From The Selected Story
08 / Search
09 q Search Chat Contacts
10 ? Open a List of These Keyboard
                                              Shortcuts While in News Feed
Web Messenger
Sr.No.   Shortcut Key          Use of Key
01 Ctrl + G Search Conversations
02 Ctrl + Q Show/hide Keyboard Shortcuts
03 Ctrl + Del Archive/Unarchive Conversation
04 Ctrl + J Mark as Spam
05 Ctrl + M Start a New Message
06 Ctrl + I Go to Inbox
07 Ctrl + U Go to Other

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