Frozen eyes | Poetry


Walking into the room
Air frozen on my flesh
I look down

With worried eyes
My loves on the bed crying
And I feel all the strings tug
Slowly lowering down

Onto her thighs

Resting my head on her small hip
I ask her what is wrong
Her face is flushed and hot

With her own breathe
Her eyes always seem to
Stand out against her skin

So blue and pulling me in
“I feel so bad, I can’t do anything for you
I’m always so sad and I get frustrated easy
I’m sorry, I love you please, don’t leave me”
My heart breaks each time I hear her say it
Trying my best to ease her shaking breathe

I wipe her tears and kiss her lips
“I love you, I’m not going anywhere dear
You’ve done so much for me already
And I appreciate what you do for me
Being with you is so easy

Love has never felt this light before
It was always so heavy with anxiety
I know I get upset when you are frustrated
But I don’t hate you and never will

I know your struggling
To keep yourself centered
You’ve made it so far
I’m happy being with you, love”
Rubbing her back gently
A listening to all she has to say

Holding her so close
I’m hope I put her at ease
I love her dearly
In each and every way
I just hopes she stays..

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