Google Drive Shortcut Key | Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Key

Navigation and Views
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 g then n or g then f Go to navigation panel
(the folders list)
02 g then l Go to items view
03 v Toggle grid view and list view
04 g then d Go to details pane
05 g then t Go to top of application
06 g then a Go to download status
07 g then u Go to upload status
08 d Go to upload status
09 i Show or hide the activity pane
Item Selection
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 x Select or deselect item
02 j or down Select next item down
03 k or up Select next item up
04 h or left Select next item to the left
05 l or right Select next item to the right
06 shift+up/down/left/right Expand selection up/down/left/right
07 ctrl+up/down/left/right Move focus up/down/left/right
without changing selection
08 shift+a Select all visible items
09 shift+n Select none (clear selection)
Item Actions
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 o or enter Open selected item
02 n Rename selected item
03 . Share selected item
04 z Move selected item to folder
05 shift+z Add selected item to folder
(Note: items can appear in more
than one folder at once in Google Drive)
06 s Star or unstar selected item
07 # Remove selected item
08 ctrl+z Undo last action
09 ctrl+shift+z Redo last action
Create New Items
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 shift+t Create new document
02 shift+p Create new presentation
03 shift+s Create new spreadsheet
04 shift+d Create new drawing
05 shift+f Create new folder
06 shift+o Create new form
Open Menus
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 c Open create menu
02 a Open actions menu
03 f Open folder menu
04 r Open sort menu
05 t Open settings menu
Application Actions
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 ? Display keyboard shortcuts list
02 q then q Cycle through visual density options
(row height and element spacing)
03 m Show last message
04 / Search your Drive

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