Grounded | Poetry


i can only forget.

i can never see her as she really should have
like an old lost friend, you can't see their true
and it pains me when i feel like i dug her

grave, like i let her down.
she never grew with me, she hasn't seen what
i've seen, not really.
every time i look up at the sky it is not with her
eyes, for i truly believe that hers have shed
less tears than mine.
what have i done? she is trapped between me

and the stars, eternally reaching up from the
top of the tallest tree: never escaping orbit or
lying down to rest.
she is the middle, the middle, and i don't know
the feeling because i have a place to come
back to and i've never gone so far as to rule

out turning back. coward.
but she was always brave, wasn't she?
a good trait to focus on in her eulogy, the
leader, the long sufferer, the precious little girl;
eager to be rewarded. anything,
anything, just smile upon me. oh but the words i see when i close my eyes, oh, 
those must have been

meant for somebody who would grow into
typewriter print and yellow-aged pages, old
books that have changed hands many a time
and tomes prefaced by letters from people
you haven't met yet. we never meet anyone,
really. selfish. lonely.
and i have no desire to meet you and you don't
wanna meet me, and we don't talk about the

n between when you were being given up on
and i was being found.
you linger. you are pure and never malignant,
sweet and always benign. your motives only
to explore, to be close enough to celestial
bodies to tickle them. impurity comes with
age, by being tossed on every floor and wall of

the world. you never knew that things could
make you happy and just as soon hurt. so
when i see my wounds appearing on you, the
only thing i can do is hold you until you pass
through and lay you to rest somewhere
otherworldly in its beauty. with this, your
dreams are at peace. i don't remember your face. we both move on.

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