I am Love | story


Before I tell you this whole story I feel like I should introduce myself. I am Love, and while that isn't my real name it is what I am. I'm a human teenager and I am currently a senior in high school.

Just to clarify.

Yes I am what makes you fall in love and yes I am the one that makes you do stupid irrational things.

I am love and it wasn't until recently that this caused me trouble. Now let me explain my purpose in life, my job, whatever you want to call it. I will keep this as brief as possible. Cupid (aka The LITERAL God of Love) chooses a new person to be "love" every one hundred years or so, and it just so happened that my grandmother was the "love" before me. After she had done an exceptional job of being love I assume Cupid thought I would be the same. Turns out that was not the case.

At the age of thirteen I was assigned to be "love" for the rest of my days. When I started everything was simple. Everyone was hormonal and it made things easier on me if things didn't work out. All I had to do was encourage people to talk and to get to know each other. After a few days (if Cupid approved the pair) the two were in a relationship. Now Cupid only came to me in my dreams to guide me and he wasn't all too helpful. He spoke in riddles most of the time and never guided me. He just said it would come naturally to me.

But it didn't.
Now senior year has slowly and increasingly become a pain. People are unhappy and I don't know whether it's because I'm not doing my job or because something has gone terribly wrong.
Remember how I mentioned Cupid only appears in my dreams?

Yeah it definitely isn't handy in these sort of situations.
After weeks of constant complaining and signs of distress I asked Cupid what was going on.

"It isn't anything you can't handle, Love."
I hated when he spoke in riddles. I wanted a solution and I wanted it now.
Cupid spoke softly and calmly, "Someone out there has fallen for love herself. They are stealing everyone's motivation to love again."

"You must figure out who it is and you shall do whatever it takes to restore the peace. They shall not love you and you shall not love them."
That was how I knew I would spend my days searching for someone because if I didn't I wouldn't be love.

Authors Notes:

This is a small story that I wrote during class and I really enjoyed writing it. This isn't the whole story but rather a part of it as I am still working on it.


This is only fiction! Don't take any of this seriously please! Thank you for reading! I really hope you guys like it so I can continue to post little stories like this.

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