Joomla Shortcut Key | keyboard Shortcut keys

Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Ctrl-C Copy selected (highlighted) text
02 Ctrl-X Cut (Copy text, then remove it)
03 Ctrl-V Paste copied text
04 Ctrl-A Select all text Formatting
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Ctrl-B Bold the selected text
or un-bold previously bolded text
(This is called "toggling"
the bolding of text.)
02 Ctrl-I Toggles italicizing selected text
03 Ctrl-U Toggles underlining of selected text
Undo a Change
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Ctrl-Z Undo last change (repeat to undo multiple changes)
02 Ctrl-Y Redo the change most recently "undone"

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