My Cure | Poetry


In people's hearts, my words reside
Words so right, are soothing, they describe
A tongue of silver, a blessing only mine
Hearing this, all I do, is choke on the wine
I was a medicine that cured people of depression

I could be taken for granted, was people's impression
But none realized that, I too possessed pain and sorrow
I needed someone to heal me, to give me hopes for tomorrow
Like the lamp in the darkness, I found a friend
I finally had hopes and I thought it would last till the end

But I was wrong, I had to bear the pain
I lost my friend and the love I craved to gain
All alone, I was left with nothing but a soul
A soul shattered to pieces, it wasn't even whole
I was submerged in pain, all I could was cry
My heart was now a barren desert, exceptionally dry

It was now that I put my feelings in words
Like the songs sung by the caged birds
The words together, formed a poem
I was glad, I felt home
Verse by verse, I threw out my pain
Finally, it was happiness, I could gain
It was not someone, it was something
It was the poem that changed everything
The laugh and smile replaced the cry
I feel blessed, cause I gave it a try

Poem is not just an art
But a cure that can heal a person's heart...

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