No Control (Poetry)

No Control (Poetry)

Can you explain me why,
You created this hell?
Killed the only light,
Left nobody nowhere?

Started the tumor,
Possessing me until now.
Do not think anymore!
Can you explain me how?

Why did you shut it down?
To let the demon spread.
Don't want to know real love,
Loath's everything I've had.

Can you tell me for real.
How to handle this dark wreck?
Written is the deal,
No returning back.

You generated things,
No control can be done.
They don't care how it feels,
Pick Devil or pick none.

Let the rules get broke,
I will be waiting there.
Your life is a joke,
Whole world is not fair.

Forever full for future,
Obscurity - my best friend.
As a ruined creature,
Welcoming you at the End.

For all of the bitter souls out there, that once believed in people.
And you dear motherf*ckers, don't create darkness you can't control later.

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