Poemagranate Tea | Poetry


I used to make the best
pomagranate tea, every
flavor would complement
each other so perfectly,
It would taste sweet

and romantic both at
once, that's why I would
make it whenever we were
together, because my
pomagranate tea's taste

would truly last forever,
I never told you my secret
to making it so well but I
guess whatever ingredients
I used, with you in thought,

it would turn out the best,
I was so happy when you
came along since I was
always making my tea
alone, now I had

had someone to share it
with and pass it along,
The second you left was
when my tea turned stale,
it no longer tasted sweet,

but instead tasted of bitter
tears, all my tea was filled
with was sadness and your
laughs ringing in my ears of
when we used to make it

together for all those
lovely years,
Now when I make my
tea, I do it for nostalgia's
sake, to remember and

imagine you drinking
it alongside me, now that
my tea has turned into
nothing more that a plain
poem, it's nothing more

than poemagranate tea
that I now drink alone.

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