Queen of the Night | Poetry


She is a girl of excellent valor. A girl, who outclasses any I have met so far. She is one of the special flowers. The ones that are unlike the rest. Her unique beauty sets her apart from any other the flowers. For she isn't a Gold orchid or a Shenzhen orchid or even a juliet rose. No my friends, she is the Queen of the Night.

She is priceless to this world. Shes delicate in her essence and she is mystical in her charms. She calms and sooths the heart of everyone who is lucky enough to be in her magical presence. She is the flower that captures the hearts of many.

She is the rarest of all the flowers. She may have a few thorns that she finds undesirable, but she is amazing in her fullest of beauty. She is a special flower that cant be picked, she is the kind of flower that can only choose you.

And im so truely blessed to have been picked by this beautiful flower. Im truely blessed I get to admire her beauty every day. Im truely blessed that ive found her. For she is the flower that resides in my heart. She is priceless. She is stunning. And she is mine. For she is my queen of Nights.

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