Raabta | Poetry


Meri har sanss, tere ehsaas ka sajde krti hai,

Teri saadgi ka noor hi to mera ugta savaira hai,

Teri ankhon ke woh badlao ko samait kr, Khud hi unme apni shamai bitati hu,

Yu to kariibi taluqaat hai dil ke,

Teri aahat mere ruh ko fanaah e ishq ka pehgaam deh jati hai,

Par noor eh chaand ki woh chandani,

Mere naapak gunaaho ke shae se dur ek gulzar mere mohabbat ke khila rhi hai,

Mere labo ki woh ayaat tera sukoon,

Meri khud se hi sikhayat yeh faslein jo darmiyan,

Rubaru na sahi, kismat eh khuda ne tohfa toh baksha hai,

Tujhse musalsal ek raabta, bikhar ke saar saar meri ruh teri talab mei,

Tere ishq eh ilzaam mei khud ko khoke tujhmei hi abaad hojau yhi ek dua hai..

In english

Every breath of mine, coincides with your presence,

Your simplicity is the dusk of my life,

The clouds that shred your eyes, I would engulf them in me, would cry them out in the evenings,

We are so close to each other's heart,

Your essence, makes my soul go wild in love,

You're the moonlight pure sky,

I am the unpure which shrouds, the garden of our love,

The myths of your love embibes my lips,

I complain to myself, bout the distance we are at,

Not with me, but I am glad lord gifted me you,

We are connected together to destiny,

I ll fall down to pieces, to aspire your love,

Would get lost in you amd would found [ic]enlightenment, thats what I pray ~

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