Time is pain (poetry)

Time is pain (poetry)

People say that time heals all wounds
In reality, it’s a load of wishful thinking
Time only teaches how to live with the pain

There was time between us

When I didn’t think moments like these would ever come

 When I didn’t think about the pain we’d both eventually fall for

There was a space between us
Only we could understand
Only we could lose ourselves in

People say they understand
Do they really?
It’s hard to believe

 Considering the idea
That “understanding” isn’t something to be proud of
Time has again and again
Proved to be the most painful aspect of life
It’s getting tiring to breathe the air
That we once shared
It’s getting tiring to smile

 That seemingly fine smile
It’s getting tiring to get up
It’s getting tiring to think

Life is exhausting the breath out of me
And I can’t help but wonder


When will you be home
And stop all this pain from consuming me

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