Why do these very common things make a women a “BADASS”? (Things make a women badass)

“Badass” has become a popular way of mentioning those people, who are also doing minor things, especially in the case of women now we know that India is a country of sanctions and “saanskar” and therefore, any woman who breaks a little bit of norms is made out to be a hero.
But is we continue to do so, then we will never be able to normalize these things for women, which means society will never impose rules and lows on women and boxing them to change this, here are some things that should be considered instead of “badass”.

Drinking and smoking are the usual choice of daily, how does one make a hero?

Drink with friends

Is a man who drinks and smokes a “badass”? No... Because it is considered normal for them, then why should we alienate women who do so? Let’s get the habit to seeing woman enjoying a hard drink and puffing some smoke rings, do we?

Wearing western clothes is as much as traditional Indian costumes?


For a very long time urban and semi-urban, in same case, even the rural area man are dressed like in western men and no one glows in the eye, and yet, even in 2019, if a female put up on Instagram picture of herself I bikini, then we are quick to label her as “those kinda girl, those kinda women” wearing a bikini will not be wrong because it is basic right.

Woman does not want children, that does not mean that, they ae doing something exceptional.

Work from home

  We think it’s about time we stop boxing women into “has children” and “childless” because, as we said earlier everything boils down to choice and nobody is more special than other.

Holding a high position and earning a lot of money should not be seen sa achievements of “badass” for woman.

Business woman

It’s 2019, by this time it should be normal to run a company and expect a big salary check, if this is extraordinary for you, then something is wrong with you.

Going out late in the night or coming home late is a way of life for most urban woman, so let’s not keep it in a special relationship.

I am driving

Of course, venturing out late in the night is an aspirations to most woman in these days but when they are doing this, they feel anything, In fact, there is a sense of fear that is constantly troubling them, when they are out at night.

Woman coming to social media trolling and returning them has become normal for most women who are on social media.


Of course, women should be appreciate for giving back their hatred, but we have to draw a line between appreciation and Romanization, let’s not create a culture where we romanticize women’s conflicts because it is anything but a happy affair.

There are a lot of activities that are considered exceptional when done by Indian women but normally when done by men, let’s try to change that if we want to strive for an equal world.

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