Wikipedia Shortcut Key | Keyboard Shortcut keys

Shortcut Key
Site Navigation
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Alt+Shift+F Move cursor to search box
02 Alt+Shift+Q Special pages
03 Alt+Shift+R Recent changes
04 Alt+Shift+U Upload file
05 Alt+Shift+X Random article
06 Alt+Shift+Z Main Page
Personal Tools
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Alt+Shift+[.] My user page
02 Alt+Shift+L My watchlist
03 Alt+Shift+N My talk
04 Alt+Shift+Y My contributions
Current Page Tools
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Alt+Shift+E Edit this page / view source
02 Alt+Shift+V Edit with VisualEditor
(if available)
03 Alt+Shift+G Open associated Wikidata item
04 Alt+Shift+H View history
05 Alt+Shift+J What links here
06 Alt+Shift+K Related changes
07 Alt+Shift+M Move page
08 Alt+Shift+P Printable version
09 Alt+Shift+W Watch / unwatch
10 Alt+Shift+T Switch to talk page
Talk Pages
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Alt+Shift+[+] Start a new discussion
02 Alt+Shift+C Switch to content page
Editing Pages
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Alt+Shift+[,] Move cursor to edit box
02 Alt+Shift+B Move cursor to edit summary
03 Alt+Shift+I Toggle minor edit
04 Alt+Shift+P Show preview
05 Alt+Shift+V Show changes
06 Alt+Shift+S Save page
07 Alt+Shift+W Toggle Watch this page?
Admin Shortcuts
Sr.No Shortcut Key Description
01 Alt+Shift+D Delete / undelete current page
02 Alt+Shift+= Protect / unprotect current page

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