YouTube Shortcut Key | Keyboard Shortcut Keys

 Shortcut Key Shortcut Key Description
01 k or Spacebar Toggle play/pause the video
02 Left arrow Go back 5 seconds
03 j or Ctrl+Left arrow Go back 10 seconds
04 Right arrow Go forward 5 seconds
05 1 or Ctrl+Right Arrow Go forward 10 seconds
06 Numbers 1-9 (not keypad numbers) Skip to a particular section of the video (e.g., 5 goes to the video midpoint)
07 0 (not keypad number) Restart video
08 f Go to Full Screen mode
09 Escape Exit Full Screen mode
10 Home Go to beginning of video
11 End Go to end of video
12 Up arrow Increase volume 5%
13 Down arrow Decrease volume 5%
14 Shift+> Increase speed
15 Shift+< Decrease speed
16 . (period) Move forward 1 frame, when video is paused
17 , (comma) Move backward 1 frame, when video is paused

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