Short men clearly get angry and violent faster than tall men.

A New studies show that short men clearly get angry and violent faster than tall men.

Anger is a common feeling that a person experiences from time to time. But there are some who are more aggressive than others. Many of them use it as a mechanism of malignancy, while others use it to control others. But what if we told you that there really is one reason why some people feel compared to others?

Short men clearly get angry and violent faster than tall men.

Therefore, in this regard, a study was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

They found that low-level people, especially men, are more likely to experience anger, rage and display signs of violent behavior.

Angry Bird

The researchers deemed 600 men aged 18 to 50 years old on the assumption of male gender, self-image and behavior in relation to drug abuse, violence and crime.

When they were created to compete with long men, shorter men responded more aggressively. They also found that men with short stature may have encountered bullying and aggression in the past, who have inspired them to adopt a defensive strategy for their premises.

Tom and jary

A few years ago, a team of Oxford University researchers had also claimed that short-man syndrome is a real thing.

He explained that reducing the height of a person can increase the feelings of vulnerability and can increase paranoia level, whose clinical term is now the Napoleon Complex.


Of course, this is just a study. This does not really mean that men of short stature are always aggressive. He's just doing it normal. Only 600 men can not give a conclusive proof of the whole lot.

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