General Knowledge Questions

Gk question that you should know
General Knowledge Questions

1. Who is the Vice President of India?
Venkaiah Naidu

2. How many states and Union territories of India at Present?
28 States, 9 Union territories

3. The official language of India?
Hindi, English

4. National Anthem of india is?

5. National song of India is?
Vande Mataram

6. National song of india was written by?
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

7. Largest state by population in India?
Uttar Pradesh

8. National Aquatic animal of India is?
Ganges River Dolphin

9. National River of india is?

10. National Reptile of india is?
King Cobra

11. National heritage Animal of India is?

12. National vegetable of india is?

13. National Calendar of India is?
Saka Caledar

14. Which place is also known as “land of Rissing Sun1”?
Arunachal Pradesh

15. The sequence of colours in a rainbow?
ROYGBIV (red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo & violet)

16. Longest river in india?

17. Place in India also Known as “heaven on earth”?

18. The biggest continent in the World?

19. The highest mountain in the world?
Mount Everest

20. Largest inland salt water lack in india?
Sambhar lack

21. State of India has the highest installed capacity of solar power?
Tamil Nadu

22. World’s first teak museum is located in?

23. The present PIN code system in India was introduce in the year?

24. Which state has the highest number of International airport in india?

25. POCSO  Act is Related to

26. When the Devanagari script is adopted as one of the official language in india?
14th September, 1949

27. Where was the india’s First submarine museum established

28. Who designed the national Flag of India?
Pingali Venkayya

29. The largest animal in the world?
Blue Whale

30. The largest ocean in the World?
Pacific Ocean

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