Top 25 GK Questions of the Day For government Competitive Exams


1. Japanese Automotive Major Toyota operates in India through a Joint Venture with which Company?
Kirloskar (Toyota Kirloskar motor pvt Ltd.)

2. The Information Technology Act in India was formulated in which year?

3. Satya Nadella is the CEO of which company?
Intel’s CEO(head) is Bob Swan.
Facebook’s CEO(head) is Mark Zukerbarg
Google’s CEO(head) is Sunder Pichay

4. Who is the chief of World Health Organization?
Adhanom Ghebreyesus
David Malpass is the head Of WORLD BANK
Kristalina Georgieva is the head of International Monitory Fund (IMF)
Autorio Gueterres is the sectary general of United Nation

5. Who initiated the Metoo movement?
Tarana Burke

6. Ancient Harappan Site of Rakhigarhi is located in which Indian State?

7. Who is The Union Tourism and Culture Minister of India?
Prahlad Singh Patel
Hardeep singh Puri Minister of civil Aviation.
Smriti Irani Minister of Textile.
Arjun Munda Minister of tribal Affaires.

8. Wuhan City is located in which province of china?

9. Assam does not share the Boundary with which states?

10. Vellfire is a self-charging, Hybrid Electric, Multi-purpose vehicle, recently launched by which company?

11. The Proposed Peace Deal between US and Taliban will be signed in which city?

12. Who is the current chief of Defence Staff CDS of India?
Bipin Rawat
Manoj Mukund Naranane Army chef of India
RKS.rakesh kumar singh Bhadauria Air force chef of india
Karambir singh Navi chef of india

13. Daegu is a city located in which country?
South Korea

14. Indian Economic Strategy IES 2035 is a report related to which country?

15. Papikonda National Park Is located in which state?
Andhra Pradesh

16. The member countries in Ganga – Mekong Cooperation (2010)?
India, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia.

17. Who is the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN HCHR?
Michelle Bachellet

18. Naresh Chandra Committee was formed by the Government of India for Objective?
Revamp of Defence Management (2012)

19. Who is the CEO of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)?
Pankaj Kumar
Ajay Bhushan Pandey is the Revenue sectary of India

20. In which countries, a National Unity government has been formed recently under 2018 peace deal between majority ethnic Nuer and Dinka Communities?
South Sudan

21. Who is the chief of National Investigation Agency NIA?
Y C Modi
Rishi Kumar Shukla is the Director of CBI
V K Johri is the DG Director General of BSF (border Security force).
Rajesh Ranjan is the DG of CISF (Central Industrial Security force).

22. Name of Stock Market Index Of Tokyo Stock Exchange?
Dow Jones – New York Stock Exchange (United States)
Kospi – South Korea
DAX – franc fort (Germany).

23. Who will replace Ramesh Sobti as MD&CEO of Indusind Bank?
Sumant Kathpalia

24. The highest decision making body of the department of telecom?
Digital Communications Commission DCC

25. The certification valid for specification for Drinking Water?
ISO 10500:2012
ISO 22000:2005 – for Food Quality
ISO 50001:2011 – for Energy Efficiency
ISO 27001:2013 – for Information technology Security

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