Top 25 GK Questions of the Day For government Competitive Exams


51. Westinghouse Election Company belongs to which country?
United States

52. Who is the CEO of Vodafone Group?
Nick Read
Gopal Vittal is the CEO of Airtle.

53. Central Government is working on the establishment of a body to implement projects for river interlinking, Name it?
NIRA National Interlinking of River Authority

54. What is the ideal isolation duration of a person showing symptoms of coronavirus?

55. Which international body has announce to file an application in the Supreme Court asking to be impleaded in the petition challenging CAA?
Office of the high commissioner for Human rights OHCHR (Michelle bachelet is the head)

56. Who is the finance secretary of India?
Ajay Bhushan Pandey

57. NCLT has given the approval to state owned NBCC (national building constructions corporation) to buy which company?
Jaypee Infratech

58. Who is the secretary to the President of India?
Sanjay Kothari

59. Which day is celebrated as International Women’s Day?
8th March

60. Which article Provides for ‘Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment’ in the Constitution?
Article 16
Article 14 – Right to Equality
Article 21 – life and personal liberty
Article 25 – freedom of religion

61. Which country won the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup?
Bangladesh (defeat India)

62. Government of India has decided to cancel visa for which country?
South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy (because of Coronavirus)

63. The cabinet has approved the merger of Oriental Bank of Commerce and United bank of India into which bank?
Punjab National Bank

64. Who is the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India?
PK Mishra

65. Who is the Chairman of the Likud Party?
Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)
Recep tayyib Erdogan is the President of Turkey

66. Which quasi-judicial body is responsible to decide on Citizenship in Assam?
Foreigner Tribunal (FT)

67. IIFA Awards 2020 will be held in which city?

68. Chakma tribe belongs to which state?

69. RBI has superseded the board of which bank?
YES Bank

70. AS Per WHO, what is the approximate Mortality Rate for Coronavirus?

71. Who is the chief Election Commissioner of India?
Sunil Arora

72. Which Indian State has banned the Entry of Foreigners to prevent for Coronavirus?

73. Deputy Governor of RBI?
N.S Vishwanathan

74. Which is the India’s Largest Share Register and transfer Agent RTA?
CAMS computer age management systems

75. Who has been appointed as the Administrator of YES Bank?
Prashant Kumar

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