Top 25 GK Questions of the Day For government Competitive Exams


76. Who is the union Minister for Labour and Employment?
Santosh kumar gangwar

77. Which constitution amendment act was passed to end reservation for Anglo-Indians in Parliament and state Assemblies?
126th constitutional Amendment Act

78. Who is the CEO of Prasar Bharati?
Shashi Shekhar Vempati

79. Which country has joined as the 5th observer of Indian Ocean Commission (1982)?

80. Who is the Captain of the Indian Women T20 Cricket Team?
Harmanpreet Kaur

81. Vasanta Utsav is the spring festival organized by which University?
Visva Bharati University (made by ravinder nath taigor)

82. Prime Mohammed Bin Salman is the Crown Of which Middle East Country?
Saudi Arabia

83. Where will the Final of women T20 world Cup 2020 be played?
Melbourne (Australia)

84. Who is the chairman and managing director of MRF Tyre?
K.M Mammen
Raghupati singhania is the MD of JK tyre
Onkar singh Kanwar is the head of opolo tyre

85. Blue link is the car connectivity Technology introduced by which automobile company?

86. Numdha handicraft belongs to which Indian State?
Jammu & Kashmir

87. Enforcement Directorate (ED) is an investigation agency working under which ministry?
Finance Ministry

88. Which country won the ICC women T20 world cup Tournament?

89. Who is the founder of J&N Apni Party?
Altaf Bukhari

90. Who is the First Indian Women Fighter Pilot?
Avani chaturvedi

91. Who is world’s fastest centenarian (who complete the age of 100years) at American masters game, 2016?
Manu Kaur (age. 103y) also known as miracle form Chandigarh 

92. Which of the countries is the member of OPEC (Organization of the petroleum Exporting countries) (1960, Bagdad) have 14members.

93. How many liters are there in a Barrel?
159 liters

94. What does the India VIX index Indicates?
Expected Market Volatility

95. Who is the Chief of the Enforcement directorate?
Sanjay Kumar Mishra

96. Who is the chairman of HPCL (Hindustan Petroliam Corporation limited)?
MK surana

97. Which bank is about to launch IPO of its Card and Payment services?

98. Which major entity has listed masala bonds (founds) in India INX?
Asian Development Bank

99. Who is India’s Ambassador to United State of America?
Taranjit Singh Sandhu

100. India-US Concluded agreements for the purchase of 24 mh-66R seahawk and six AH-64E(apache, attack helicopters). What are these?

101. Who is the chairman of SBI?
Rajnish kumar

102. Millennium challenge corporation (MCC) is an independent foreign assistance agency to help in leading the fight against global poverty. It belongs to which country?
United States

103. Which Company has set up new Manufacturing arm in the form of wholly owned subsidiary in India?
HUL Hindustan Unilever Limited.

104. Who is the third largest oil importer in the world?
China – 1st
Us – 2nd
Japan – 4th 

105. Who is the President and Chief Executive Officer Of US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF)?
Mukesh Aghi

106. Which ministry organizes the ‘Hunar Haat’?
Ministry of Minority Affairs

107. Who launched the YUVIKA Programme?

108. World’s largest species of Cave Fish has been recently discovered in which state?

109. India’s Easternmost Tiger reserves?
Namdapha National Park

110. Which is the world’s largest Cricket Stadium?
Motera, Ahmedabad

111. Who is the US Ambassador to India?
Kenneth Juster

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